Serverless Event

obniz Cloud runs your program on the cloud automatically using a trigger.

Every 1 hours, when webhoook called, when an obniz become online, can be used as trigger. See more at Triggers


Maximum number of event you can register is depends on kind and number of devices an account has.

Each Event can be run up to 150 times per day(10 minutes is the minimal interval).

Programs to be registered can only be chosen from the user's repository, or installed web apps. Private files can also be chosen.

When a trigger occurs, obniz Event will open the registered HTML on a browser within the server and activate JavaScript.
To stop, call done() from your js. Otherwise, obniz Event will close HTML automatically after 30 seconds.

For Webhook, GET/POST can be used. For query string and post, body can be acquired from js.

After execution, execution logs become available on Event detail page. The capacity of the log storage is 1MB for each.

See more at Setup.