You can choose to use or not use a license for a device that you own.

You can inactivate or delete licenses you don't need.


A device that is licensed (has its device key written to it) is ready to connect to the cloud and can be used at any time.


An inactive device is a device that is still registered, but is no longer available in the cloud. It can be changed to active at any time from the cloud and will be applied immediately.

Deleting a License

A license can be deleted.
Once deleted, the license will no longer be able to connect to the cloud and cannot be reactivated.

For more information about the billing timing, please refer to Rate Calculation and Billing.
Please refer to Pricing for the usage fees.

How to change the settings

  1. Select the device you want to change from the [Device List] ( of the developer console.
  2. Select the device you want to change from the list of devices ( in the Developer Console.
  3. The changes will be applied immediately. After changing to active, the device will be able to connect immediately, while after inactivity or deletion, the current connection will be disconnected and will not be able to connect immediately.

Batch Setting

Batch settings can be made from the device list.
You can save time and effort by selecting a device and operating it from the batch operation menu.