Browser App

You can create an IoT app to remotely control devices by creating a browser app, using only obniz.
You can run the program in the cloud based on a trigger in your browser or in obniz cloud.

You don't need to create an app to remotely control an obniz device, but by creating an app, you can control it remotely with

  • Easily "install" the same app on multiple devices
  • You can run it on the obniz cloud
  • It's easy to provide to others.

You can use it in a convenient way.

Program Language

The programming language can be HTML/JavaScript or block programs. Block programs are converted to HTML/JavaScript to work in a browser.

Control Publicity of Your App

You can choose the level of publicity of your app. There are three levels and explanations are following below.
public: Your app appears on obniz App Store. Anyone can install it or reference its program code.
installable: Your app DOES NOT appear on obniz App Store. If you would like to let someone install your app, please share a special URL that's shown on the app detail page.
private: Your app DOES NOT appear on obniz App Store. No one but you can install the app.

How to Create.

After creating your account, choose your language from "App Development" and create your app.
There are templates for each device, so it's convenient to create an app from the closest template.

After creating the app, an online editor will open, so you can start the program as is.


The app you create can be used by installing it on your device. ("Installation" is done on the obniz cloud, it does not mean the program is transferred to your device and written. It does not mean that the program is transferred to the device and written.)

Only one app can be installed on one device.

If you change an app's program after installation, it will be applied instantly to all installed devices (it uses the same app's program. The program will not be copied)

If you have "Installation settings" in the app's settings, you will be asked for these settings when you install the app. For example, you can set "watering interval". The set values can be read in both the browser and the cloud.

const configs = Obniz.App.configs();
console.log(configs.watering_interval); // User configured value

Browser Execution

Apps that are allowed to run in the browser can be run by the user in the browser if the browser execution is allowed in the settings.
You can also select your device to run it when you are editing the app's program in the online editor.
If you don't allow browser execution, the app will be cloud-executed only and will not be able to

  • Select obnizID from the program editor and run it on a device you don't have installed, even if you don't have it installed.
  • Run Now" button under Find Apps