By installing an app in the WebApp store, you can use a variety of services without programming them.

Types of WebApps

There are three types of WebApps.

HTML An HTML application is an application that runs in a browser. It's an application that utilizes a GUI that can be used while it's open in a browser.
サーバーレスイベント It is an application that can be selected as an execution program when a serverless event occurs. The program is executed on the server when the event occurs.
ホステッド The app is hosted on a server. When installed, it is always running on the server. In order to use a hosted app, you need to grant the app access to your account.

Create WebApp

API Managed

It is also possible to create and publish a WebApp (only hosted). The accounts of users (including myself) who have acquired authentication (OAuth) can be acquired and operated via the API. This includes owned devices and serverless events.

See more about obniz Cloud API

Use Install

You can also have your app installed on your account with the approval of other users. The installation status is managed by the obniz cloud and can be acquired by the above API, making it easy to build and scale out web services. You can easily build a cloud service by releasing your WebApp to the public.

Sample Codes

WebApp sample code is available on GitHub.

Using OAuth to manipulate user and device information

How to use Install to obtain user-installed app information and develop web services