Online Check Interval

Supported in obnizOS 3.5.2 and later

When no data is exchanged between the device and the cloud for a while, a communication is performed to check if the device and the cloud are online. By default, this takes less than a minute, but you can manually set a longer time to reduce the amount of communication in environments where there is not much communication. In return, the time it takes to detect that the user has gone offline will be longer, and the period of time when the user is falsely assumed to be online when he or she should be offline will be longer.

Usage scenarios

If you are performing anomaly detection where not much communication occurs and the amount of communication is important, such as LTE lines, you can increase this value to reduce the amount of communication only for online confirmation.

How to configure

On the console, you can update the details of each device on the screen or batch update in csv.
When an update is made, it will be applied immediately.

You can set up to 30 minutes.