API key is a key to operate the obniz cloud API and is used to access the You will be able Retrieve information about obniz devices in your account from the cloud system or issue devices As well as being able to do so, this key is all you need to connect to the device in obniz.js. devices.

Enabled APIs

You can use the token issued by the API key with each API.


API keys can be issued with privileges.

Using the Cloud API, you can use the Do you only read or update or create for user information and serverless events. You can choose how far you can go.

Device Control
Hardware API to connect to the devices in your account via obniz.js or other methods. can be set.

Change key permissions and delete keys

Privilege changes and deletions are reflected immediately.
However, if you are connected to a device with the Websocket API, you can't change or delete permissions. If you do, it will be applied to the next connection.