Publish an App

You can publish your WebApp to the WebApp Store.

How to publish

You can publish your app to the WebApp Store by checking the "Publish Program" checkbox in the app settings and updating the settings.
When you publish an app, other users can install the app or fork and view the program.

WebApps can get tokens and install them with the user's approval even if they are not published on the store.

Public Information

  • Program the app
  • Author Name [Account Name]
  • Icon [optional / Less than 500KB / JPEG and PNG formats of 150px×150px or more are recommended]
  • App Overview [optional]
  • Detailed description of the App [optional]
  • Preparation and How to use [optional]
  • Thumbnail Images [optional]
  • Category [optional]


Please check Terms and Privacy Policy before publishing and using the application.