Transfer Devices

You can transfer the devices you own as the property of your team or someone else's account.

User ⇨ Team he/she belongs to

It is possible to transfer devices (transfer management tickets) to your team. The conditions of the devices that can be transferred and the process to complete the transfer are as follows.

Conditions for devices that can be transferred

  • A device that has a one-time license written to it and still has no apps installed.

Flow of transfer

  1. select the target device in the device list screen.
  2. Click the "Bulk operation" button, and then click "Transfer devices to the team you belong to".
  3. Select the name of the team you want to transfer to, and click the "Transfer" button to complete the transfer.

User ⇨ User

You can make a request to an other user that you're intending to transfer your devices to that user. After transferring has completed, you have no longer any authority to devices transferred and cannot install app onto them nor access to their information. Transferable device conditions and the procedure flow follow.

Transferable Device Conditions

The device:

  • is an official obniz device
  • doesn't have any installed app

Procedure Flow

  1. Chose target devices on a device list page.
  2. Tap "bulk operation" button, then click "Transfer obniz devices to an other user".
  3. Input email address you want to transfer devices to and hit the "update" button.
  4. If you've input a correct email address, you're going back to a device list page.
  5. After step 4, a request email will be sent to a user you've just specified by an email on step 4. If a user approves your request email, transferring process will completely be done.


  • If app has been installed on devices when a user approves a transferring request, procedure will fail.(Users can do normal operations untill transferring process finishes)
  • A deadline of approval is 24 hours.
  • If you don't want to approve, just ignore the email.