Network allows you to see if the device is currently online and, if so, to which network it is connected.

Item Contents
Global IP The global IP of the network the device is using
Local IP Local IP from which the device is obtained.
Access Point The Wi-Fi information when the device is connected to the network via Wi-Fi, including SSID and MAC Address, as well as the RSSI (radio strength) when the device is first connected.


If the device is connected to the cloud with Wi-Fi MESH, the access point information will be different depending on whether it is a Root Node (layer=1) or a Child Node (layer=2 or higher).

Root Nodeの場合

The information of the connected access point will be displayed.

Child Nodeの場合

You can check your own layer, the obnizID of the parent you are connected to, and the signal strength of the parent.