Issue Management

With any device-based service, unforeseen things can happen.
The Wi-Fi goes out and the obniz device goes offline, a sensor that should be found is not found, or the refrigerator gets too hot.
A system that recognizes such problems and manages them until they are solved is called "Issues".

How to use Issues

To use Issues, you need to sign up to use the function on the cloud.Please Contact us for more details.

You can open issues to obnizCloud from within the program.
Open issues can be viewed in the "Issues" section of the console.
Also, when an issue is opened, you will be notified of the issue opening to a specified destination (e.g. email).
In particular, "automatically generate issues when obniz device goes offline" can be set as "offline notification" for each device from within the console.

This allows you to present issues and notifications to your users without asking them for their contact information while they are using your app, not to mention developing the UI.

General Flow

  1. a user installs your app on some obniz devices and the service starts
  2. The your app program detects a rise in refrigerator temperature and opens an issue.
  3. The issue appears in your user's issue list and you get an email notification.
  4. Your user recognizes the issue, solves it (e.g. closes the refrigerator), and then closes the issue themself.

Open and Close Timing

Notifications are only issued when an issue is opened. While it is open, no notification will be issued if the issue is opened again. Also, you, the developer, are not notified when an issue is raised (unless it is on a device or app you own).