OS3.5.0 or later

When should you use this feature?

If you wish to set tons of obniz devices to several facilities, this feature 'Facility' might be your best friend. When doing this kind of operation, we imagine the overall flow would look like these:

  1. Get maps of each facilities
  2. Get obniz devices
  3. Write some sort of IDs on map
  4. Put the corresponding ID label on each devices that you want to set to the place the ID points to
  5. Do the network configuration for each devices
  6. Send pre-configured devices to the facilities along with the map
  7. People in charge of setting devices at the facility set the devices with referencing the ID on map and label on devices.

Especially pre-configuring each devices may be a tough work. Then this fucntion comes into play.

You don't have to recieve devices before sending them to facilities anymore. It's became possible to create a network settings on user console and apply them to each devices on-site by tapping Android smartphone with the specific app to each devices. Then the devices get the network configuration from the Android app and connects to network.

How to use?

To use Facility / Operation, you need to sign up to use the function on the cloud.Please Contact us for more details.

These are simplified steps. We are going to cover the details later.

  1. Go to user console.
  2. Open 'Facilities' page from 'Facility Management' section on the left menu.
  3. Create a facility.
  4. Create an operation which targets to the facility you made on the previous step.
  5. You can get a special URL when creating an operation.
  6. You tell people on the actual real-world facility building the URL.
  7. They click the URL and Android app will open.
  8. The app shows them about what to do based on the operatioin you've created on the step 5.

We have two important terminologies about this feature. 'Facilities' and 'Operations'. Let's dive into them.