Let's make an app

Create an app: Introducing what you can do with the app, creating an account and registering a device

With obniz, you can publish your program as an app.
In this chapter, we will prepare what an app is and how to make it from the next time onwards.

What is an app?

An app is registered in the cloud so that the program can be used on various devices.

You can see the apps that are open to the public on the "Find apps" page.
From these apps, you can install and use your favorite apps on your device.


I think that everyone usually puts the apps selected in the store on their smartphones and uses them.
The obniz app has the same image, and if you install an app created by someone on your device, you can easily use useful functions.


You can also make your own app.It needs to be reviewed before it can be opened to the public so that anyone can search it, but since it can be published with a limited link, you can share the app with obniz users other than yourself by sharing the link(You can keep it private so that only you can use it).

Creating a program as an app has the following advantages in addition to the advantage that it can be easily shared with other people.

  • It can be created from a template.
  • You can run a program on the cloud with something as a trigger.

From the next lesson, we will use the parts of the Starter Kit, create various apps, and check what you can do with the apps.
It's okay if you don't understand the benefits of the app yet. As with the previous lessons, let's move our hands to create a program and check it together.

By the way, there are two main types of apps: "browser apps" and "hosted apps".
This lesson deals with browser apps. Even if it is simply described as "app", please read it as if it refers to a browser app.

A detailed description of the entire app can be found in the App Documentation.It may be a little difficult because the explanation is mainly HTML / JavaScript, but if you are worried about the difference between the browser application and the hosted application, please read it.

Preparing for app development: account creation and device registration

The next time you develop an app, you will need to create an account and register your device, so let's do it here.

1. Account creation

You can create an account from Sign up.Accounts can be created from email addresses and various SNS accounts.

If you already have an account, please log in and proceed to the next device registration.

2. Device registration

If you have an account, you can register your device with that account.By registering the device, you will be able to manage the device and use the application functions.

Refer to the Device Registration page and follow the steps to register your device.
Since the Starter Kit contains the obniz Board, Authenticate with the key shown on the display.

If it is displayed as a registered device in the Device List of the developer console, registration is complete.


This is the end of this lesson. We will continue to develop apps from now on!