The network is automatically rebuilt when a device with the same configuration is installed locally, or when a device that was running is powered off and on again.

Partial additions and removals

If the Root Node is also connected to the Internet and part of it is moved, only the part that has been changed will be rebuilt.

If the Root Node is connected, the current connection will not be disconnected. Even if you feel that it would be better to connect the nodes in this way, the current state will be maintained and additions and deletions will be performed.

In the case of addition

  • After a mesh network is discovered, it is determined where it should be connected and connected to, which may or may not be a Root Node.
  • It may or may not be a Root Node, but it does not rebuild already connected devices to add them.

In case of deletion

  • If the device does not have any children, it will be deleted as is.
  • If the device has children, the children will be disconnected from the network and added again.

Root Node switching

If the Root Node loses Wi-Fi, all networks are reviewed, and if it is determined that it is not a suitable Root Node, another Node becomes the Root Node, and everything else is rebuilt.
If the device that is the Root Node loses its Root Node due to power loss, etc., the entire network will be rebuilt.