Setting from Console

Setting by serial communication is available for obniz except obniz Board series.


Serial communication is connected as follows.

Key Value
Connection TX(GPIO1 of ESP32 is output of ESP32), RX(GPIO3 is input of ESP32), GND
Baud rate 115200bps
Flow control None
Parity None

Note: Some ESP32 devices may contain an automatic write circuit using DTR and RTS. In this case, you may not be able to communicate with the device even if it is connected, so try turning DTR and RTS on and off. (In most cases, normal communication is possible with both turned off.)

Mode switching

The console normally only outputs the internal status and does not accept settings.
It can be switched to setting mode by sending a command.

OS How to change setting mode
< 3.5.0 When sending a single s character at startup (or immediately after)
3.5.0 <= when 4 characters of menu are sent at any time after startup

The main menu is the first thing that appears when you type menu.

----- Select -----
0:Exit ( Reboot )
1:Configure Network by Typing
2:Configure ALL from Data
3:Clear All Setting

Input number >>
1:Configure Network by Typing
Configuration Configuration Details
0:Exit ( Reboot ) Just reboot.
1:Configure Network by Typing Input network configuration from Console, save and reboot.
2:Configure ALL from Data Configure component and network settings in Setting JSON. No matter what settings you have, all internal settings will be replaced by this JSON.
3:Clear All Setting Clear all settings.

How to operate the console

If there is a numeric option, enter the number in half-width characters and press Enter.
If you need to enter a string of characters, enter it as is.

The console will not accept the string \r\n. Switch to \r or \n if your terminal's line feed setting is set that way.

You can configure Wi-Fi and other settings, but the console operation will save and reboot when you complete the configuration or choose to clear the settings.


You can configure Wi-Fi settings by entering the SSID and Password.

Specify Mac address (BSSID)

This is supported since obnizOS 3.5.0.

You can specify the access point to connect by entering the Mac address of the access point using 12 alphanumeric characters in lower case.

You can specify the access point by entering the Mac address of the access point using 12 alphanumeric characters.

How to connect to a stealth SSID (private SSID)

This is supported since obnizOS 3.2.0.

You can set it by entering the SSID and password regardless of whether it is stealth or not.

How to set up a static IP

For a static IP, you will be asked a series of questions about the items required for configuration.
All four of the following are required to use a static IP.

--- IP Address
Input address >>
--- Default Gateway --- Input address >>
Input address >>
--- Subnet Mask --- Input address >>
Input address >>
--- DNS Address --- Input address >>
Input address >>

Enter the required values for each, and press enter to move to the next item.

How to set up Proxy

To configure Proxy, you will need the address and port information of your proxy server.

--- Proxy Config ---
Proxy Address
Input text >>

--- Proxy Port --- Port Area:0-65535
Port Area:0-65535
Input number >> 8080
Input text

Enter the required values in each field and press Enter to move to the next item.

WPA2 Enterprise

If WPA2 Enterprise is enabled, Username, Password, and AnonymousID can be set.