obnizOS uses one of the following methods to connect to the Internet

  • Wi-Fi (b/g/n 2.4GHz)
  • Wi-Fi MESH (b/g/n 2.4GHz)
  • Ethernet (component required)
  • 3G/LTE (component required)


The following settings can be configured for obnizOS.

Network Max Settings Description
Wi-Fi 5 Up to 5 Wi-Fi settings, Proxy, etc. can be saved. You cannot store multiple settings for the same SSID.
Wi-Fi MESH 5 You can save up to 5 Wi-Fi MESH settings, Proxy, etc. Saving the settings will save all of them, even if they are the same settings.
Ethernet 1 Save only one setting related to Proxy, static IP.
3G/LTE 1 Saves only one setting related to apn, id, pass.

For more information about network settings, please refer to the configuration page.

Priority settings

Multiple settings can be saved in obnizOS, but you will have to specify the first priority network.
If you set the priority to Wi-Fi when configuring Wi-Fi and 3G/LTE settings, you can use network failover, which says "If all settings set for Wi-Fi fail, connect with 3G/LTE".