Setting from obniz-cli

obniz-cli is a shipping tool that writes obnizOS to microcontrollers, etc. In addition to writing OS, you can configure it in the following ways.

Write Wi-Fi settings via USB at the same time when writing OS.

By using the config function, after writing the OS and configuring the device settings, [JSON for configuration](. /setting-json) to the device after the OS has been written to it, and network and other settings can also be written in one go.

This can be used when mass-producing a large number of devices, or when you want to make sure that the wifi settings are correct.

obniz-cli os:flash-create -p /dev/tty.USBSERIAL --config . /wifi-config.json

Use the Wi-Fi of a working PC to connect to and configure the Wi-Fi served by obniz devices in the vicinity.

This is used to write the same configuration to a large number of devices. Here is the usage scenario.

  • To write the same Wi-Fi settings on obniz boards distributed to students at school.
  • You want to write the same Wi-Fi settings and APN settings on gateways to be delivered to hospitals.

If you use the Setting via wifi function of obniz-cli, you can write [JSON for setting](. /setting-json), you can automatically repeat the process of finding, connecting to, and configuring the Wi-Fi that obniz produces in the vicinity, so you can write settings simply by placing unconfigured obniz devices in the vicinity and turning them on sequentially.

obniz-cli os:config-via-wifi --config ./wifi-config.json