Startup Option

When a device with a screen, such as the obniz Board (1Y) or M5StickC, is started while pressing a button, the setting screen is displayed. Below devices also available become a setting mode without display (connect to a device's Wi-Fi).

Position of the button

  • obniz Board/obniz Board 1Y: Push in the dial
  • M5Stack Basic: Center Button
  • M5StickC: buttonB (Side Button)

If there is no operation, the system will be restarted.

Method of operation

obniz Board / obniz Board 1Y
Move the dial to move the cursor and press to select.

Press buttonB to move the cursor, and then press the big button (buttonA) in the table labeled "M5″ to select it.

Configurable items(depends on device)

Normal Launch Do nothing and start up as normal.
Clear Setting Erase all saved Wi-Fi passwords and other information.
Display Info You can check the installed version of obnizOS and the Wi-Fi Mac address. (Older obnizOS will not show this item.)