In obnizOS, only the settings necessary to connect to the cloud are stored on the device.
The following non-volatile settings (settings that are saved even when the power is turned off) are available for this purpose.

Setting contents Contents Setting method
Device Key Key to recognize the device Only from Console (serial communication)
Component settings Wiring settings for system components Console/Display/Browser/Internet
Network settings Settings for connecting to Network Console/Display/Browser/Internet

Device key

Save the obnizID and private key.
There are two ways to do this, either by pre-installing it in the device or by writing the settings from the console.
Once set, it cannot be removed or deleted.

Component settings

This specifies where the system components such as LEDs are connected. If it is specified, obnizOS will use it. In the case of obnizOS for each device, the settings are stored in the OS, but if the user sets the settings, obnizOS will use the settings with priority.

Network Settings

These are the settings for connecting to the network and the Internet.
The following information can be saved.

The following information can be saved.

Network Max Setting Settings
Wi-Fi 5 SSID・Password
Static IP Settings
Proxy Settings
WPA2 Enterprise
Static IP Settings
Proxy Settings
WPA2 Enterprise
Ethernet 1 Static IP Settings
Proxy Settings
3G/LTE 1 APN, ID, Password

Priority when there is more than one in the same network

Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi MESH accept multiple settings. If there are multiple settings, the connection will be attempted from the newly saved settings.
When the storage limit is reached, the oldest settings will be deleted.

The behavior of saving new settings is different between Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi MESH.

Network Things to Identify
Wi-Fi If a setting with the same SSID exists, it will be deleted and the new setting will be saved.
Wi-Fi MESH Do not compare or delete. Save the settings even if they are exactly the same.

Primary Network

If there are multiple settings across networks (e.g. Wi-Fi and 3G/LTE), obnizOS will give priority to the last setting.

Settings for devices that are not stored on the device

There are settings that are stored on the cloud side, not on the device, and these can be manipulated by device management or cloud APIs.

(Examples of settings that are not saved on the device)

  • Device description
  • Access token
  • Region settings