obnizOS uses some connection components as "system components" independently from user programs.

Only Console is required to be used and cannot be turned off, the rest are turned off unless configured.

If you want to use the connected LED as a system component of obnizOS (i.e., you want the LED to show its status), you can set it as a system component, such as "LED connected to IO4", and the OS will operate the LED automatically.

Also, by setting "Ether" and "Modem", you can connect to the Internet not only via Wi-Fi, but also via wired LAN and cell phone lines. You can also set up "Ether" and "Modem" to connect not only to Wi-Fi, but also to wired LANs and mobile phone lines, and obnizOS will automatically initialize and operate them.

Component Optional User Pin Assign Description
Console Required Not Available UART console for displaying obnizOS status and menu settings
LED Optional User Can LED to display internal status such as power and network
Switch Optional User Can A switch that can be used to enter configuration mode or programmed
Ether Optional Partically User Can Physical PHY component for wired LAN. Optional
Modem Optional User Can This is a modem for 3G/LTE. By specifying this item, you can use the Internet connection with a cell phone line.

Component settings

Component settings can be configured from the Console menu starting from OS 3.5.0. Once the settings are made, they are remembered and will not be lost, even with OTA.

For details, please refer to the settings page.


obniz prepares obnizOS for specific hardware with each component installation.


  • obnizOS for M5StackBasic (hw=m5stack_basic)
  • obnizOS for ATOM Lite (hw=atomlite)

Just by installing them, you can register LEDs and buttons on the main unit and start using them without any configuration because they have the component information inside.