Document Structure

obniz is composed of “SDK”, “Cloud” and “OS”, and we have a lot of information about each of them Documentation is available.

obniz.js (JavaScript SDK)

To remotely control obnizOS-powered hardware from JavaScript SDK. How to connect to devices via the cloud to operate peripherals such as IO and SPI is listed.
You can check out the included parts library here.
Also, the obniz.js class reference is available on GitHub.

obniz Cloud

Device management, serverless events, editors and APIs provided in the cloud It is described about


The dedicated software running on the device, how to launch it, how to set up Wi-Fi, and It includes information on how to create the device.

It also includes hardware information for each device and documentation for SDKs in other languages.


Pinouts and more for each piece of hardware that obnizOS runs on are listed.