obniz BLE/Wi-Fi Gateway Gen2.0


obniz BLE/Wi-Fi Gateway Gen2.0 is a repeater (gateway) that is installed in an indoor 100V outlet to receive Bluetooth signals and transmit information via Wi-Fi signals. Various IoT services can be easily started by combining the gateway with sensors that detect various conditions such as movement of people and objects, temperature, brightness, humidity, and CO2 concentration.

The main unit has a display, touch buttons, and status LEDs.
For details, please refer to the product specifications.


This product conforms to the Bluetooth standard defined by the Bluetooth SIG and has been certified. However, it does not guarantee Bluetooth connectivity with all Bluetooth devices.

  • The Bluetooth device to be connected must conform to the Bluetooth standard defined by the Bluetooth SIG and be certified.

  • Even if the device to be connected conforms to the above Bluetooth standard, it may not be possible to connect or the operation method may differ depending on the timing of acquisition, characteristics, or specifications of the device.

    If you wish to use any of the BLE devices from other manufacturers introduced on the obniz official website, you do so at your own risk, and you should thoroughly review and test them prior to use. obniz Inc. makes no warranty to you regarding the suitability of such devices for any particular purpose, their reliability and accuracy, or any results obtained when used with the products themselves or in combination with obniz products.

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