Get an Official Device

Obniz sells official devices that come with obnizOS installed and are ready to be used as soon as you turn them on and set them up, including Wi-Fi.

Product List

How to choose a device

If you want to run a motor, obniz Board
The obniz board is capable of carrying up to 1 ampere of current at all IOs and connects motors directly.

If you want to run on batteries, obniz Board 1Y
In addition to the obniz Board, it includes a sleep function for battery operation, allowing for long-term operation far from the power source.

If you want to create something with HTML, you can use M5StickC
In addition to the color display, there are pre-installed sensors and buttons inside, so you can quickly create little creations that integrate with HTML.

DevKitC for product development prototypes
The ESP32-WROOM32 is equipped with the ESP32-WROOM32, which allows you to build a prototype environment in no time.

If you use the BLE, obniz BLE/Wi-Fi Gateway
It is a BLE gateway that can be plugged in, and can be installed in a development environment as well as in an actual store.

How to buy

You will find a list of products with their respective purchase options in the Product List. There are two main ways to purchase

  • EC: You can buy from the official store, Amazon or any wholesaler
  • stores: Available at stores that carry multiple companies' electronic components.