If device IO has multiple drive method, configure it for change output power or voltage.

By default, obniz choose "Most powerful push-pull" for output. use to change drive method. Call it before call output(). But you can call while output.

// Javascript Example

obniz.io0.output(true); // output open-drain with 5v pull-up

Drive Method List

drive class Reference
drive API Reference

See drive methods on each device detail.

Below is obniz Board Series drive methods.

drive() argument Drive method and Voltage Max Current Maximum Frequency Detail
5v push-pull 5v 1A <=250khz(Recommend) Default. Over-current Over-heating protection
3v push-pull 3v 1mA(Recommend) <=80Mhz Best effort over-current protection
open-drain open-drain <=5v 1mA(Recommend) <=80Mhz

Push Pull

Standard output method. It output VCC voltage when true. GND(0v) for false.

Open Drain

When false, same as push-pull. When true, IO changed to High Impedance. This is used for bi-directional communication or different voltage communication.