Sleep Function(only obniz Board 1Y)

Sleep is entering low power consumption mode by shutting almost all functions.
It makes available working with batteries for long time by continueing sleep and wake up.

obniz Board 1Y has a sleep function.
Depending on usage, It will keep over 1 year.
It makes you put obniz Board 1Y where no power supply.

Below is example usages

  • Watering a plant in intervals.
  • Monitoring a temperature in intervals.
  • To handle nexpected events like humandetect or exceeding temperature.

Integrating with Serverless Event is useful to use sleep function.

How to sleep

Send a command from obniz.js and other SDKs or websocket. You can do it over the internet.
In sleep mode, obniz Board 1Y shutdown 3.3v power line. So you can't get 3.3v output from power pin on obniz Board 1Y.
Wi-Fi and Displays and other almost all functions are no loger available while sleep.

It will wake up from sleep when specified trigger occured.
You can choose on of below triggers.

  1. Past time(second) 1sec to 64800sec(18 hours)
  2. Past time(minutes) 1min to 64800min(45 days)
  3. edge up detection of io0(Level is TTL. But it depend on VCC level)
  4. edge down detection of io0(Level is TTL. But it depend on VCC level)

When waking up from sleep, obniz Board 1Y start same as first power up.

obniz Board 1Y will wake up by cutting and supplying a power again regardless sleep mode.

How long does it work

Power consumption while sleep is 20uA-40uA(VCC=5V).
You need to calculate with standard power consumption (120mA avg).

Simple method is below.

S: average waking up time in minutes in one hour.
Q: Capacity of a battery(mA)

(Available Time(h)) = Q/(S/60*120 + (60-s)/60*0.04)

AAA Battery(2000mA)x3
2 minutes in one day(0.083minutes/hour) will work over 1 year.