About Wi-Fi

How to set up Wi-Fi

By turning on the gateway, the unit becomes a Wi-Fi access point. By connecting to it, you can configure the settings from your browser.See Quick Start for instructions on how to set it up.

About Wi-Fi and networks you can connect to

Wi-Fi Specifications

Item value
Wi-Fi IEEE in the 2.4GHz band 802.11b/g/n
stealth SSID connectable
Certification WPA2/PSK(AES, TKIP), WEP (WPA2 Enterprise and WPA2/PSK + Captive_portal are not supported.)

About the Network

Item value
communication HTTPS(TLS1.2)
Communication direction Only request from device side (There is no connection from the server to the device.)
Proxy Configurable (HTTP or HTTPS)
static IP Configurable
DNS Configurable (up to 1)

I want to set up a firewall.Please tell me the domain and IP of the connection destination.

The IP is not fixed. The domain will be obniz.io or *.obniz.io. However, the content is encrypted because it is TLS communication.

When you talk about remote control of devices, do you need to drill holes in the firewall of the router?

No, it does not. Since the device connects to the server, you don't need to configure any port forwarding or other settings on your firewall.

Can I set up multiple Wi-Fi access points?

Yes. The maximum number is 5, but it may be less depending on the remaining memory.

Can Wi-Fi be RESET?

Yes. You can initialize it by pressing the button after power-on to invoke the startup option.
See Quick Start for reset instructions.

How can I check the status of my Wi-Fi connection?

This can be confirmed by the LED on the gateway itself.
See Quick Start for details.

About Bluetooth

How many units can be connected?

The maximum number of simultaneous connections is seven.

Can a gateway be a peripheral?

The gateway is a peripheral and can send advertisements and accept connections.

Can a gateway connect and scan at the same time?

It is possible. However, you need to temporarily stop the scan only when the first connection is being processed. Once completed, they can be used simultaneously.

Is it possible to connect only to devices that support it?

We are not limited.
The supported devices listed on the website mean that we have developed and provided libraries with SDKs, etc., or that we have confirmed the connection. Other devices can also be used by writing a BLE program.

Can I set up a filter for advertisement?

Yes, the following two types are available:

  • Programmatic filters (any filter can be created by specifying details such as RSSI, once per minute, etc.)
  • Device side filters (can reduce communication volume, UUID specification, pattern matching, etc. can be used)

About the Program

What languages are available?

The SDK we provide is for JavaScript. For other languages, you can use the Websocket API.

I have a system that we are currently using. Does it need to be modified?

You can use our gateway without changing your existing system.
If you are currently using a different gateway and have an API to accept, you can use obniz without changing the existing system by creating a server software that operates obniz and hits the existing API. In this case, unlike updating the firmware, you only need to update the server software, which makes operation easier.

About Security

Is there a default user or password for SSH?

There is no function to connect to the device via SSH.

If the device is stolen, will the software you developed be stolen?

No software is compromised.
With obniz's firmwareless technology, the device will not carry your code.

If my paired obniz is stolen, will they take my pairing key?

The pairing key will not be compromised.
With obniz's firmware-less technology, nothing is recorded on the device itself, so it cannot be leaked.

Can anyone connect if they know their obniz ID?

Access can be restricted by issuing an access token.
An access token can be issued by registering the device to your account. In this case, you will not be able to connect unless you have an access token.

About Delivery

What is the delivery format?

Tray supply in bulk or individual packaging can be selected.

Yes, we can. You can apply for the option.

I would like to know the Mac address in advance. Can you send it with me?

Yes, we can. You can apply for the option.

Where can I purchase gateways?

Our e-commerce site and trading companies also handle this product, so please inquire.
For product details and contact information, please see the Gateway product page.