Let's run it regularly

If you run a program that moves the flag depending on the previous weather at 6 o'clock every morning,
It seems convenient when you go out in the morning.

Let's run it at the same time every day by using cloud events.


First of all, regarding the previous program, please save it in the repository on the cloud. (OK if already saved)

Make sure this program runs in the cloud every morning at 6am.


Create a new event with Create Event from the Developer Console.

The name is appropriate, and the program to be executed is the program saved earlier (saved as weather.xml in this lesson).

Select "Every day at this time" to trigger the event.

The time specified here is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), not Japan time. 9 hours before Japan.
If you want to go to 6 o'clock in the morning, you have to subtract 9 hours from there, so you will have 21 on the previous day.
So set it to 21:00.

Let's create it now.

By pressing Execute Test, you can start the test immediately without crossing 6 o'clock.The flag moves and nothing happens depending on the weather.Even so, the obniz display will change from QR to a different screen, and it will return to QR soon.

All you have to do is wait for tomorrow!