Preparation and assembly

Welcome to the world of IoT!
The kit contains parts for assembling the IoT home kit.

Contents of IoT Home Kit
Kit contents
  • Cardboard x 3
  • Servomotor
  • Servo motor connector
  • Infrared module
  • Various screws
  • Distance sensor
  • Distance sensor cable
  • Micro USB cable (*)
  • obniz Board(※)

※The Kit with no Board does not include a USB cable and obniz Board.


Other things that need to be prepared

In addition to the kit, you will need a smartphone and mobile battery, double-sided tape, a Phillips screwdriver, and a Wi-Fi environment.

Things necessary

Step0. Connect obniz Board to Wi-Fi

First, connect the obniz Board to Wi-Fi.
How to start obniz Board and how to set up connection to Wi-Fi is Please confirmquick start

Step1. Remove unnecessary parts

Remove unnecessary parts

Step2. Mount the servo motor and distance sensor

Mounting image

How to mount the servo motor

First, mount the servo motor.
Use screws, two washers, and hexagon bolts to fix them in two places on the left and right.

Next, mount the distance sensor.
Use a screw, a washer, and a hex bolt to fix it in two places on the left and right.

Step3. Assembly of the main body

Fold all the fold lines into valley folds and assemble.
Make sure all cables finally come out of the top.

Step4. Attachment of cardboard parts and flag

Attach the cardboard parts to the top surface.
It will be the location of obniz Board.

Attach the parts and flag to the servo motor.


Step5. Attachment of obniz Board

Connect the servo motor, distance sensor, and infrared module to the obniz Board.
Pay attention to the position (order) of inserting the pins.

obniz Boardの取り付け