Create an App

(You need to create an account and register your device before you can create an app.)

From app development, select create app.

Enter just the name of the app in the "Hosted App" section to create it.

Once created, the app settings will open.

About Permissions.

Hosted apps are offered as OAuth applications.
Users can authenticate your app to view and manage their information.

Information about the installed device is always available and operable (HardwareAPI), but other permissions can be set through the app's permission settings to select the required level.

For more information about permissions, please refer to the permissions settings in the app's preferences.

The first time a user tries to use your app, he or she will be asked for OAuth approval. At the time of approval, you will see what permissions the app is requesting.

Learn more about the OAuth flow

Installation Settings.

You can have the app set up when it is installed on a device.
This is used to set up the behavior of each device and to determine the group of a certain device.

The settings can be made in "Installation Settings" in the app's settings, and you can set

Type Description
any string arbitrary string
switch take true or false
Radio box radiobox
selectbox pull-down select box

There are four types of Each one is displayed to the user as follows.

The settings made can be retrieved with device information via API.

Publishing in Find an App

The created apps will be published at a limited URL in "Find My App" and users will be able to install them.