About Hosted App

A hosted app allows you to control multiple obniz devices at the same time, and also allows you to manage the creation of devices by getting account privileges through OAuth.

When operating multiple devices in Node.js, it's difficult to manage settings such as which device or what the access token for each device is.
When you create a hosted app and install it on each device, you can receive information for each device with GraphQL API, which frees you from such device management.

You can also offer the app to other obniz users, so you can offer the service to your customers by having them create an account and install it.

By making it a hosted app, you don't need to manage the device list of obniz in json files or database.
You can also add dynamic devices and configuration changes with webhooks.

You can use it in these situations

  • I want to manage devices used in Nodejs on obniz Cloud, and add/remove them dynamically on obniz Cloud.
  • You want to provide server-side apps to your customers easily.
  • You want to configure the settings for each device on obniz Cloud if you want to use multiple devices.