Run along the white line

There is a block where you can find the "white line" in the camera and find its position.
You can recognize the white line just like in the previous lesson Getting Face Position.

Let's run along the white line this time.

Position of white line

The position of the white line can be obtained from "Position of the white line in the camera" in AI.

It is the same as the position of the face, and you can get the position from -100 to 100.

Block program

It's basically the same as the Follow people program.
The difference is that it is not the position of the person, but the position of the white line.
And the one with the weaker motor output is set to 30.

You need to make adjustments so that it do not lose sight of the white line. The more it squeaks, the more it loses sight of it unless it turns around in a hurry.

Let's move it.

If you put a white line on a place that is not very bright with vinyl tape etc., it will run along it.