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Library for Sainsmart 1.8 inch TFT

Drawing supports. But This library doesn't include MicroSD access yet.

SPI is used to communicate.
obniz Board can't draw fast as Arduino/Raspberry Pi.


wired(scl, sda, dc, res, cs {, vcc, gnd })

Connect scl, sda, dc, res, cs, vcc, gnd to an obniz Board and specify ios like follow.
sd-card related io is not necdesarry.

// Javascript Example
lcd = obniz.wired('SainSmartTFT18LCD', { scl:4, sda:3, dc:2, res:1, cs:0, vcc:6, gnd:5 });

Drawing API

witdh and height property

You can retrive witdhandheight from property.

// Javascript Example
lcd = obniz.wired('SainSmartTFT18LCD', { scl:4, sda:3, dc:2, res:1, cs:0, vcc:6, gnd:5 });
console.log(lcd.width);  //128
console.log(lcd.height); //160 

color16(r, g, b)

Get 16bit color pallet for specified rgb. Each r,g,b msut be in 0 to 255.
Result is 16bit format.

16bitRGB = Red(r):upper 5bit、Green(g):lower 6bit、Blue(b): lower 5it

Or you can specify preset 16bit RGB color.

pixel for raw() and rawBound() is 24bit. But It down to 18bit RGB when drawing.

// Javascript Example
let red = lcd.color16(255, 0, 0); //16bitRGB for red
lcd.drawRect(0, 0, lcd.width, lcd.height, red);

Common arguments

Argument Description
xandy coordinate。
dimention of drawing
color 16bit color
radius radius on drawing circle
round corner radius
backgroundColor background color for drawing dwarChar(), drawString(). If you specify same color as color, then background color is transparant
size text size for dwarChar(), drawString(). 1-4. No smoothing.

Drawing API


Fill whole screen with specified color.

drawRect(x, y, width, height, color)
fillRect(x, y, width, height, color)

Draw a rectangle. Regarding x, y, width, height and color.
This draw only border. fillRect() will Fill a rectangle.

drawRoundRect(x, y, width, height, round, color)
fillRoundRect(x, y, width, height, round, color)

Draw a rectangle with corner radius. Regarding x, y, width, height and color and round.
This draw only border. fillRoundRect() will Fill a rectangle.

drawCircle(x, y, radius, color)
fillCircle(x, y, radius, color)

Draw a circle. Regarding x, y and radius and color.
fillCircle() will fill a circle.

drawTriangle(x0, y0, x1, y1, x2, y2, color)
fillTriangle(x0, y0, x1, y1, x2, y2, color)

drawTriangle() will draw a triangle regarding three points x0, y0,x1, y1,x2, y2 with color.
fillTriangle() will fill a triangle.

drawVLine(x, y, height, color)
drawHLine(x, y, width, color)

drawVLine() will draw a vertical line x, y to height
drawHLine() will draw a horizonal line x, y to width with color.
Each function works faster than drawLine().

drawLine(x0, y0, x1, y1, color)

drawLine() will draw a line x0, y0 to x1, y1 with color.

// Javascript Example

// 16bit-RGB color value
const BLACK   = 0x0000;
const BLUE    = 0x001F;
const RED     = 0xF800;
const GREEN   = 0x07E0;
const CYAN    = 0x07FF;
const MAGENTA = 0xF81F;
const YELLOW  = 0xFFE0;
const WHITE   = 0xFFFF;
lcd.drawRoundRect(0, 0, lcd.width, lcd.height, 8, RED);
lcd.fillRect(10, 10, lcd.width - 20, lcd.height - 20, MAGENTA);
await obniz.wait(1000);
lcd.drawRect(14, 14, lcd.width - 28, lcd.height - 28, GREEN);
lcd.fillRoundRect(20, 20, lcd.width - 40, lcd.height - 40, 4, CYAN);
await obniz.wait(1000);
lcd.drawCircle(0, 0, 100, BLACK);
lcd.fillCircle(64, 80, 40, YELLOW);
lcd.drawCircle(64, 80, 40, RED);
await obniz.wait(1000);
lcd.drawTriangle(64, 24, 24, lcd.height - 24, lcd.width - 24, lcd.height - 24, BLACK);
lcd.fillTriangle(64, lcd.height - 48, 24, 48, lcd.width - 24, 48, GREEN);
await obniz.wait(1000);
lcd.drawVLine(64, 10, lcd.height - 20, RED);
lcd.drawHLine(10, 80, lcd.width - 20, BLUE);
lcd.drawLine(10, 10, lcd.width - 10, lcd.height - 10, BLACK);

drawChar(x, y, char, color, backgroundColor {, size })
drawString(x, y, string, color, backgroundColor {, size {, wrap }})

drawChar() draw ACII single character atx, y with char specified with color and backgroundColor and size.

drawString() draw string.

wrap=true will automatically use new line when overflow.
And final coordinate wil be returnd.

// Javascript Example
:  :
let white = lcd.color16(255, 255, 255);
let red = lcd.color16(255, 0, 0);
let yellow = lcd.color16(255, 255, 0);
lcd.drawChar(0, 0, '+', yellow, red, 4);
var x = 7, y = 32;
[x, y] = lcd.drawString(x, y, 'This is 1st draw.', white, white);
[x, y] = lcd.drawString(x, y, 'This is 2nd draw.', red, red, 2, true);

If you want to draw not ascii string. Use Canvas and transfer by using drawContextBound() and drawContext().

drawContextBound(context, x0, y0, width, height, x1, y1)

drawContextBound() and drawContext() use canvas.context(2D) to draw a LCD.


Specify context to canvas.context and region x0, y0, width, height.
And destination is x1, y1.

drawContext()is equal to drawContextBound(context, 0, 0, lcd.width, lcd.height, 0, 0).

Drawing speed depends on network. At minimum drawContext() takes around 300 msec.

// Javascript
//<canvas id="canvas" width="128" height="160"></canvas>
let canvas = $('#canvas');
let context = canvas[0].getContext('2d');
context.fillStyle = '#FFFFCC';
context.fillRect(0, 0, lcd.width, lcd.height);
lcd.drawContext(context, false);

Other APIs


Set LCD direction by specifing 0 to 3. Default is 0.
This function doesn't affect current display.

After calling this, witdh and height will be updated. x=0, y=0 points is like this image.

// Javascript Example
:  :
lcd.fillScreen(0); //clear screen to black
for (let n = 0; n < 4; n++) {
  lcd.drawChar(0, 0, n+'', 0xFFFF, 0xFFFF, 2);
  lcd.fillCircle(2, 2, 2, 0xF800); // plots origin point to red


Invert a displayed color.

setInversionOn(): Invert

setInversionOff(): Not Invert

setInversion(inversion): inversion=true is Invert.

rawBound(x, y, width, height, [pixel0, pixel1, pixel2, ...])
raw([pixel0, pixel1, pixel2, ...])

rawBound() directly draw pixels.

Regions is x, y, width, height.

Pixels are pixel0, pixel1, pixel2, .... Each pixel is 24bit RGB color.

raw() is equal to rawBound(0, 0, lcd.width, lcd.height, [pixel0, pixel1, pixel2, ...]).

Each function will draw faster than drawPixel(). But it require more data transfer. Sigle calling of raw() takes 800 msec.

Attention pixel[] is 24bit RGB color. If you use 16bit color, then strange color you will see.

Single calling of raw() tansfer data is 60Kbyte( 128 x 160 x 3byte(18bitcolor) )

Preset Color(16bitRGB)

Preset colors.
This color can be used for color on each function.

// Javascript Example
lcd.drawLine(0, 0, lcd.width, lcd.height, lcd.color.AliceBlue);
preset name red green blue sample
AliceBlue 0x1e 0x3e 0x1f
AntiqueWhite 0x1f 0x3a 0x1a
Aqua 0x00 0x3f 0x1f
Aquamarine 0x0f 0x3f 0x1a
Azure 0x1e 0x3f 0x1f
Beige 0x1e 0x3d 0x1b
Bisque 0x1f 0x39 0x18
Black 0x00 0x00 0x00
BlanchedAlmond 0x1f 0x3a 0x19
Blue 0x00 0x00 0x1f
BlueViolet 0x11 0x0a 0x1c
Brown 0x14 0x0a 0x05
BurlyWood 0x1b 0x2e 0x10
CadetBlue 0x0b 0x27 0x14
Chartreuse 0x0f 0x3f 0x00
Chocolate 0x1a 0x1a 0x03
Coral 0x1f 0x1f 0x0a
CornflowerBlue 0x0c 0x25 0x1d
Cornsilk 0x1f 0x3e 0x1b
Crimson 0x1b 0x05 0x07
Cyan 0x00 0x3f 0x1f
DarkBlue 0x00 0x00 0x11
DarkCyan 0x00 0x22 0x11
DarkGoldenRod 0x17 0x21 0x01
DarkGray 0x15 0x2a 0x15
DarkGreen 0x00 0x19 0x00
DarkKhaki 0x17 0x2d 0x0d
DarkMagenta 0x11 0x00 0x11
DarkOliveGreen 0x0a 0x1a 0x05
DarkOrange 0x1f 0x23 0x00
DarkOrchid 0x13 0x0c 0x19
DarkRed 0x11 0x00 0x00
DarkSalmon 0x1d 0x25 0x0f
DarkSeaGreen 0x11 0x2f 0x11
DarkSlateBlue 0x09 0x0f 0x11
DarkSlateGray 0x05 0x13 0x09
DarkTurquoise 0x00 0x33 0x1a
DarkViolet 0x12 0x00 0x1a
DeepPink 0x1f 0x05 0x12
DeepSkyBlue 0x00 0x2f 0x1f
DimGray 0x0d 0x1a 0x0d
DodgerBlue 0x03 0x24 0x1f
FireBrick 0x16 0x08 0x04
FloralWhite 0x1f 0x3e 0x1e
ForestGreen 0x04 0x22 0x04
Fuchsia 0x1f 0x00 0x1f
Gainsboro 0x1b 0x37 0x1b
GhostWhite 0x1f 0x3e 0x1f
Gold 0x1f 0x35 0x00
GoldenRod 0x1b 0x29 0x04
Gray 0x10 0x20 0x10
Green 0x00 0x20 0x00
GreenYellow 0x15 0x3f 0x05
HoneyDew 0x1e 0x3f 0x1e
HotPink 0x1f 0x1a 0x16
IndianRed 0x19 0x17 0x0b
Indigo 0x09 0x00 0x10
Ivory 0x1f 0x3f 0x1e
Khaki 0x1e 0x39 0x11
Lavender 0x1c 0x39 0x1f
LavenderBlush 0x1f 0x3c 0x1e
LawnGreen 0x0f 0x3f 0x00
LemonChiffon 0x1f 0x3e 0x19
LightBlue 0x15 0x36 0x1c
LightCoral 0x1e 0x20 0x10
LightCyan 0x1c 0x3f 0x1f
LightGoldenRodYellow 0x1f 0x3e 0x1a
LightGray 0x1a 0x34 0x1a
LightGreen 0x12 0x3b 0x12
LightPink 0x1f 0x2d 0x18
LightSalmon 0x1f 0x28 0x0f
LightSeaGreen 0x04 0x2c 0x15
LightSkyBlue 0x10 0x33 0x1f
LightSlateGray 0x0e 0x22 0x13
LightSteelBlue 0x16 0x31 0x1b
LightYellow 0x1f 0x3f 0x1c
Lime 0x00 0x3f 0x00
LimeGreen 0x06 0x33 0x06
Linen 0x1f 0x3c 0x1c
Magenta 0x1f 0x00 0x1f
Maroon 0x10 0x00 0x00
MediumAquaMarine 0x0c 0x33 0x15
MediumBlue 0x00 0x00 0x19
MediumOrchid 0x17 0x15 0x1a
MediumPurple 0x12 0x1c 0x1b
MediumSeaGreen 0x07 0x2c 0x0e
MediumSlateBlue 0x0f 0x1a 0x1d
MediumSpringGreen 0x00 0x3e 0x13
MediumTurquoise 0x09 0x34 0x19
MediumVioletRed 0x18 0x05 0x10
MidnightBlue 0x03 0x06 0x0e
MintCream 0x1e 0x3f 0x1f
MistyRose 0x1f 0x39 0x1c
Moccasin 0x1f 0x39 0x16
NavajoWhite 0x1f 0x37 0x15
Navy 0x00 0x00 0x10
OldLace 0x1f 0x3d 0x1c
Olive 0x10 0x20 0x00
OliveDrab 0x0d 0x23 0x04
Orange 0x1f 0x29 0x00
OrangeRed 0x1f 0x11 0x00
Orchid 0x1b 0x1c 0x1a
PaleGoldenRod 0x1d 0x3a 0x15
PaleGreen 0x13 0x3e 0x13
PaleTurquoise 0x15 0x3b 0x1d
PaleVioletRed 0x1b 0x1c 0x12
PapayaWhip 0x1f 0x3b 0x1a
PeachPuff 0x1f 0x36 0x17
Peru 0x19 0x21 0x07
Pink 0x1f 0x30 0x19
Plum 0x1b 0x28 0x1b
PowderBlue 0x16 0x38 0x1c
Purple 0x10 0x00 0x10
RebeccaPurple 0x0c 0x0c 0x13
Red 0x1f 0x00 0x00
RosyBrown 0x17 0x23 0x11
RoyalBlue 0x08 0x1a 0x1c
SaddleBrown 0x11 0x11 0x02
Salmon 0x1f 0x20 0x0e
SandyBrown 0x1e 0x29 0x0c
SeaGreen 0x05 0x22 0x0a
SeaShell 0x1f 0x3d 0x1d
Sienna 0x14 0x14 0x05
Silver 0x18 0x30 0x18
SkyBlue 0x10 0x33 0x1d
SlateBlue 0x0d 0x16 0x19
SlateGray 0x0e 0x20 0x12
Snow 0x1f 0x3e 0x1f
SpringGreen 0x00 0x3f 0x0f
SteelBlue 0x08 0x20 0x16
Tan 0x1a 0x2d 0x11
Teal 0x00 0x20 0x10
Thistle 0x1b 0x2f 0x1b
Tomato 0x1f 0x18 0x08
Turquoise 0x08 0x38 0x1a
Violet 0x1d 0x20 0x1d
Wheat 0x1e 0x37 0x16
White 0x1f 0x3f 0x1f
WhiteSmoke 0x1e 0x3d 0x1e
Yellow 0x1f 0x3f 0x00
YellowGreen 0x13 0x33 0x06

Supported from: obniz.js 3.5.0