What is a usable UI in a browser?

Integrates various browser functions with hardware by running obniz.js in the browser. You can create the following collaborations in one Program. You can create the following federations in one program.

  • Temperature sensor values are expressed in numbers and drawn in graphs.
  • Pressing a button on the screen or moving the motor to the position of the mouse
  • Sending data in the form via UART
  • Display the image taken by the camera on the screen

and other rich, interactive screens and electronic circuits can be combined with JavaScript alone.

What kind of UI does it have?


Forms are a standard part of HTML.

reference: form

Forms allow you to put things on the screen that allow you to manipulate electronic circuits. These include check buttons, sliders, and text entry in input forms.


With Chart.js, you can easily draw various graphs such as bar charts, pie charts, etc. . It can be used to graph temperature changes and to represent A/D changes and the timing of errors.

3D Graphics

3D drawing can be easily performed by using tools such as Three.js. The situation in reality collected using sensors, such as a graphical representation of the tilt using an accelerometer can be represented on the screen.

Speech Synthesis/Speech Recognition

Some browsers, such as Chrome, can synthesize speech from JavaScript and recognize speech. You can do this. This allows you to create remote controls and talking robots that can be directed by voice.