Advantages of using obniz for business

What is obniz?

obniz is the technology for building IoT services easily.

obniz provides all the necessary functions for IoT: firmware on the device, communication and encryption with the cloud, and device authentication and management in the cloud.


Advantages of using obniz for business

The advantages of using obniz over other IoT devices are as follows.

  • Can focus only on the necessary software development As mentioned above, obniz provides the management functions and security required for IoT. Therefore, the service provider can focus on the development of the software part. For example, in recent years, there are issues with the security of the IoT. If you use obniz devices, you can develop them without spending more man-hours on security than a typical conventional product.
  • Easy to expand and maintain You can link and control devices on the network with a single program in the cloud.
    There is no need to develop and manage firmware for each device, and only a program modification in the cloud can be applied to all devices immediately.
  • Can simplify distribution Service delivery model that only obniz can provide obniz-model.png If using obniz products (devices), service providers can use obniz devices already owned by users without the need to produce, manage, and stock them themselves. Even if the user does not own the device, obniz will ship it to the user. You can reduce reducing the burden on the service provider.