What is Sleep Action?

The sleep function is one of the ways to reduce battery consumption. When you go to sleep, instead of not being able to do all of io's output, communication, etc., it reduces battery consumption. You can

What you can do while you're asleep

  • Waking up after a specific time
  • Awake when there is a specific voltage input

What you can't do while in sleep.

  • Pin to output
  • Obtaining sensor data
  • Move the actuator.
  • Communicate with obniz cloud
  • Check the status in obniz cloud
  • Display

The obnizBoard 1Y can operate continuously on AA batteries for about a year by using a good sleep function.

This feature is only available on obnizBoard 1Y. obniz Board and M5StickC It's not available on the obnizOS version.